Anti Fascist Action (AFA) is a nationwide network founded in 1993. We are of the firm belief that fascism must be countered ideologically as well as physically, in any form it shows itself.

We have our ideological base in libertarian socialism and see ourselves as part of a broad militant extraparliamentary movement. We stand united in the struggle against sexism, racism, capitalism and homophobia.

All groups in the network are autonomous and independent choosing for themselves to join the network and, if thay would wish to, leave it. All groups defines their own agenda, what actions to take and how. Between the groups all decisions are made democratically.

The networks main function is to exchange information and experience as well as to coordinate nationwide campaigns and manifestations. The networks has no central committee and no delegates or spokespersons, all work is through the autonomous member groups. All member groups meet regularly on nationwide meeting, where new groups can be voted into the network.

All Swedish antifascist groups are not part of the network. There has almost always been some, or a few, functional and active groups outside of it. However, the groups with longevity gave almost always decided joined the network sooner or later. We are open to all kind of methods, the important thing will always be to achieve results.

Even though most of our work is done with peaceful methods we are regularly criticized the times we deem it necessary to resort to violence in our struggle against fascism. We have no ambition to score political points, fish for votes or to get positive reviews in the bourgeois media. Our ambition is to combat organized fascism.

The fight against fascism and racism demands patience. It can sometimes feel like a never ending struggle. As we make one fascist organization cease to exist another one takes it’s place. But thanks to our continuous struggle fascism can never get a real footholds which would allow it to grow. The principle is simple: We do not allow fascists to work in peace – no manifestations, no meetings, no concerts, no propaganda without us being there to stop them.

Anti fascism is by it’s nature extraparliamentary, fascism can never be voted away. This means that we are involved in everything from opinion-forming events, lectures, discussions, school work, putting up posters, cultural events and demonstrations to blockades and physical confrontations of the fascists. We are the opposite of fascism.

Instead of the nationalism, militarism and class cooperation of fascism we strive for class struggle, internationalism and libertarian socialism where the goal is mankind’s liberation from capitalism and totalitarian regimes.

We are part of an international movement combating fascism and racism all over the world.

No Pasaran!