AFA Stockholm: Not our comrades – About the German pro-Israel “anti-fascists”

For a long time now we have closely followed, with disgust, the pro-Israel German anti-fascism, or the antideutsche movement as they are called in Germany, and we have never considered ourselves to share anything in common with the groups that represent this obscure current.

However, with the ongoing Israeli genocide of Palestinians, it is long past time for us to officially disassociate ourselves from all left-wing and anti-fascist groups, both inside and outside Germany, that support the state of Israel.

These “anti-fascists”, who are anti-fascist neither in theory nor in practice, and who align their anti-fascism with the interests of the political establishment, are not our comrades.

It is a responsibility for all of us to draw up principles for anti-fascism, for example that it must be revolutionary, for example that it must be class-based, and internationalist, so that neither social-democrats nor German Zionists can dilute its concept and impact.

Based on our analysis of fascism and anti-fascism, we see clearly that the pro-Israel left is not only wrong, but downright dangerous.

On the one hand, they reject German nationalism, which is rightly claimed to have historically led to fascism, while on the other hand they fanatically support ethno-nationalism in the Middle East. The moral is thus that nationalism for white Europeans is somewhat unfashionable, while the devastating consequences of nationalism for Arabs are a worthy price to pay. The product we are left with is a deformed, imperialist and racist type of “anti-fascism”, well suited to the interests of capitalism and nationalism.

We call on all anti-fascist groups in all countries to distance themselves from and break any collaborations with the pro-Israeli left.

This week German pro-Palestinian activists have occupied the Rote Flora, a social political center in Hamburg, because they believe that the building is a center not for the left but for Zionism. We look positively on this development, which also proves the international Palestinian movement’s power to act, as well as the Zionists’ increasing isolation.

We look with hope at the new, young street-based movement that, in solidarity with the Palestinians, is welding together something that could be a future left-wing movement. A left-wing movement strengthened by principles and self-confidence, with an emphasis on action, far removed from the timidity and passivity of social democracy and left-wing partisanship. Militant anti-fascism must be an obvious part of this new movement.

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