AFA Research: Customer register from the Nordic resistance movement’s webshop Greenpilled

Thanks to the Nordic Resistance Movement’s lack of IT security, we have had complete access to the webshop Greenpilled’s customer data for parts of many years. We have since followed the orders month by month and have now made the decision to release the information.

As we have email addresses from all orders, we have contacted all customers and given them a chance to avoid having their information published. We have exact dates for each order, addresses, e-mails and phone numbers. This is information entered by the customers themselves when ordering. Thanks to the information, we have now been able to map the customers for some time.

If you appear in the publication and want to have your information removed, we would like you to contact us at: [email protected], this also applies to general questions about the publication or if you have additional information about someone who appears on the list.

Here you can read more about the people behind NMR’s lack of IT security.

Here is the swedish article.

Do you have questions about why the Nordic Resistance Movement betrayed your trust and let us once again come across a customer register despite promises to take security and anonymity seriously? Then you can contact them at: [email protected].

This article can be read in full from the archived version available here