Antifascist Action Sweden turns 30 years!

In September 1993, after a spike in fascist street violence, a number of swedish anti-fascists gathered and decided that the time was right to establish the Antifascist Action network throughout Sweden. This year AFA Sweden turns 30 years old and this will of course be celebrated with the biggest party of the decade!

Today, the network is not only one of Sweden’s longest running extraparliamentary leftist groups, but has also created an obvious place for itself in the international anti-fascist community in Europe.

Over the years, hundreds of activists and comrades have been trained and strengthened through the network’s structures, and the group has survived a series of dramatic social episodes – from the Nazi-skins of the 90s to the EU-summit in Gothenburg in 2001 and on to the political repression of the last 10 years. Nothing has yet been able to stop us!

Loved or hated, feared or revered – everyone has a relationship to the name AFA. On Saturday, September 9, we celebrate these 30 years together at the culturecenter Cyklopen in Stockholm. The evening will offer music, dancing, newly printed clothes and the occasional surprise. More information will be released shortly, but save the date!

Here is the event:

For comrades traveling to Sweden from other countries – please get in touch with us as we can help you with housing, tickets, and further information about the day.

Solidarity, Antifascist Action Sweden