AFA Stockholm: International call for solidarity with antifascist prisoners in Sweden

13 antifascists in Stockholm, Sweden, have been served with prison sentences after riots connected to a protest in Kungsan against a Swedish nazi party during the elections in 2014.


On the day over 12 000 people had gathered in Kungsan for the antifascist protests and when the police tried to disperse the crowd using pepperspray and batons, a lot of people stood their ground in attempt to hold the police back.
In the aftermath the swedish security police, SÄPO, singled out 15 people who they claimed to be active in the antifascist movement. 13 where sentenced to prison and will now have to face over €35 000 in fines, damages and trial costs.

The “Free Kungsan 15” campaign has so far managed to fundraise  €24 000 but are still €11 000 short of the total amount with time running out. We therefore call upon international solidarity to help us cover the last bit together.

We can’t share the time, but we can share the fines. We therefore urge anyone who is in a possibility of making a donation to do so, every penny counts.
If you don’t have to means to aid financially please share this call on social media.

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BANKGIRO: 627-0086 or SWISH: 123 091 64 45
To donate from a non-swedish bank account:
IBAN: SE0680000832799438650120

(NOTE: mark your donation: “kungsan15”)


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